29th and 30th September 2017

Servant of God Louis Savinien Dupuis, Founder of FIHM was a person who surrendered himself totally in fulfilling the Will of God and completely depended on God. In 19th Century he gradually brought positive changes in the life of women in the society. His dream has been brought to reality by his beloved daughters according to the signs of the times. In order to make others know the life and selfless ministry of our Founder Fr. Dupuis, the International Conference on ‘Louis Savinien Dupuis and his Contribution to Catholic Church and Tamil Society (1840 – 74)’ was held at Idhaya College in Pakkamudayanpet. Most Rev. Dr. Antony Anandarayar, Archbishop of Pondy - Cuddalore inaugurated this conference by lighting the lamp. Felicitation was given by Most Rev. Antony Ananadarayar and Rev. Fr. Henry Bonal, MEP.Two books about our Founder Father were published.

Those books were:

  1. 1. The First Catholic Bible in Tamil and Louis Savinien Dupuis at Pondicherry -?? A history of Translation and Printing, 1850 - 7

    2. From Anriquez Anriquez To Louis Savinien Dupuis - The Tamil Grammer and Dictionary Quest

Thirteen research topics about our Founder were presented by research scholars. Those topics and presenters were:

  1. 1. Tamil Linkages between Fr. Dupuis and Poet Savarayalu Nayakkar in Pondicherry - presented by Dr. Suchitra, Assitant Professor in Tamil, St. Joseph?s College, Cuddalore

    2. The Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Pondicherry as Reflected from the Writings of Fr. Dupuis ? presented by Sr. Claudine Arockia Mary, FIHM, Secretary, Idhaya College of Arts & Science

    3. Significant Contribution of Fr. Dupuis to Tamil Christian Culture and Literature ? presented by Fr. Mani Valan, SJ, Secretary, Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, Madurai District

    4. Fr. Dupuis?s Role in Printing and Communicating Tamil Literary works to the Public ? presented by Fr. Amudhan, Director ? Thaninayaga Adigal, Institute of Tamilogy, Tirucirapalli

    5. Immaculates through Fr. Dupuis in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi???  - presented by Rev. Mother Brunolf Mary Fatima Paula, Superior General of FIHM, Pondicherry

    6. A Review of the Theological virtues according to the writings of Fr. Dupuis ? presented by Sr. Ethelberga Philomine Mary, FIHM, Secretary, Idhaya Engineering College for Women, Chinnasalem

    7. The Contribution of Fr. Dupuis and Fr. Mousset to Tamil ? French Lexicography ? presented by Dr. C. Thirumurugan, Assistant Professor of French, Department of French, Pondicherry University

    8. Printing Grammar Books in Pondicherry and Role of Fr. Dupuis ? presented by Mr. Alfred, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of French, Pondicherry University

    9. The Charism of the MEPs with Special Reference to Fr. Dupuis: A Historical and Mission Oriented Perspective ? presented by Fr. Sandou Cyril, Parish Priest, Church of Our Lady of Angels, Pondicherry

    10. Growth and Development of Tamil Catholic Literature in Pondicherry and Role of Fr. Dupuis ? presented by Sr. Irudaya Mary, SJC, Cluny Convent, Karaikal

    11. Prayer and Spiritual Books Composed and Printed by Fr. Dupuis in Pondicherry ? Sr. Syria Mary, FIHM, Nethimedu, Salem

    12. Fr. Dupuis and the Catholic Literary Works Printed in Pondicherry ? presented by Dr. Charles Christopher Raj, Assistant Professor of History, Government Arts College, Madagadipattu

    13. The medical thoughts of Fr. Dupuis to the diseases of the body, soul and society ? presented by Sr. Vimali Mary, FIHM, Idhaya College of Arts and Science, Kumbakonam

    About 300 people including the Archbishop, Priests, Research Scholars, Congregation sisters, FIH sisters, from Kollam and Laity participated in this International Conference.