SampurnaVikasSamiti.Aurangabad, Bihar

Name of the Institution : SampurnaVikasSamiti.Aurangabad, Bihar

Gayatri Nagar, 
Aurangabad Dt., Bihar.

Phone No : 0413- 2600238 0413- 2601134

Motto: Educational Accompaniment for the Empowerment of the Marginalized Communities

Salient Features
1. Capacity Building.
2. Assisting and improving health status.
3. Empowering rural women through Rikhiyasan-Bhuinya (Musahar) and Bhogta.
4. Praying with People.

Immaculate Joy Home Social Service Society- Colas Nagar

Name of the Institution : Immaculate Joy Home

Address	:Immaculate Joy Home Social Service Society
Uppalam, Colas Nagar
Pondicherry - 605 001

Phone No : 0413 - 2358971, 2354944
Email :,
Motto : To serve people with love and Care
Salient Features
Provide security for the aged people who were abandoned by their own family.
Nutritious food and proper Medication.
Trained Health Care personnel to give health support.
To give Love & Care Service to the depressed people.
Counseling and diet to support them to live happily.

The following Services are offered for well being of the People
1. Adoption Home
2. Little Flower Cottage
3. Working Women Hostel
4.Rural Women Empowerment Programme

Centre Name : Immaculate Tailoring Centre

Place : Veerareddikuppam

Unit : Social Service, Centre, Colas Nagar

Founded on : 27.11.2017

I.H.M. Convent, Veerareddikuppam
Palayapattinam Post, Virudhachalam
Cuddalore Dt . 606 002

Immaculate Joy Home Social Service Society- Kakayanthope

Name of the Institution : Immaculate Joy Home

Immaculate Joy Home
No.1, 6th Cross St
Rajaganapathy Nagar
Pondicherry - 605 007

Phone No : 0413- 2600238 0413- 2601134

Email :

Motto : To serve Physically Challenged Children with love and Care

Salient Features 1. Care and Concern to the uncared disabled children.
2. Giving shelter, love & safety to the poor, orphan, abandoned children.
3. Providing shelter and service to the physically challenged children to experience God's love.
4. Proper Medication and Support.
5. Facility for the kids to improve their health.


Name of the institution : Premnivas Social Development Trust -Lodai – Gujarat

Premnivas Social Development Trust
Lodai,Khengerpar Road, Lodai (post)
Bhuj, Gujarat – KachchhDist, 370001 

PhoneNo : 09879807820

Email :

Motto :To establish self -reliant women SHG federation for sustainable development and empowerment of women in Kutch

Salient features:
1. Establishment of training centres by appointing qualified teachers from the villages.
2. Motivate& developing their economic status.
3. Conduct health camp.
4. Capacity building for their future.

Main Activities:
1. Tuition class
2. Tailoring class
3. Beauty parlour training
4. Self-help group


Name of the Institution: Lusad Care Social Service Society.

Address: 	Lusad Care Social Service Society
Singapore Nagar
Kallam Patti
Sathirapatti [Post]
Madurai – 625 014

Phone. No: 0452-2092183

Motto: “Empowerment of Women”

Salient Features:
1. To provide human, educational, social, cultural, and moral development for the people of Kallampatti and the nearbyvillages.
2. To provide environmental, health and medical programmes.
3. c.To improve the economic condition of the people by improved methods of Agriculture, Dairy Farm, Poultry Farm, Job Orientation Programmes and by starting Co-Operative Society and Small-Scale Industries etc.
4. d.To uplift the poor, downtrodden, oppressed, demoralized, marginalized, abandoned, neglected, deserted and delinquent members of the society by providing measures for rehabilitation and whatsoever assistance needed for them.
5. Toimpart counseling to the affected families and to organize awareness programmes of de-addiction.

Social Work ministry


Carmel Nagar, Gunadala, 
Vijayawada,Krishna District, 
Andhra Pradesh– 520004

Phone number : : 0866/2450416

E-mail :

Motto: Education towards empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Salient features 1. Encourages Child and Youth Parliament for the leadership process and life skills.
2. Network with NSS units, Govt.s, NGOs and Community based Institutions.
3. Utilization of Parliament’s Bill and opportunities for an employment.
4. Encourages Child protection, Advocacy and peer group capacity building.
5. Perform Counseling process and Mentoring for the personality development.

Manaiyeripatty SW Centre

Name of the Organization : IDHAYA DEVELOPMENT PROJECT

 Contact Address:  
Manayeripatti P.O.,
Sengipatti – Via
Thanjavur District PIN: 613 402,
Tamilnadu – India. 

Telephone No: 9843408045, 091-4362- 293353

E – Mail: :,

Motto :“A just world that ensures the safest environment for human dignity”.

Salient features:
1. To identify and analyse conditions and social realities of the oppressed for their holistic development.
2. To educate children and community in formal as well as in non-formal means for their personality development.
3. To promote health by extending preventive and curative service to rural poor.
4. To provide consultancy to economically weaker sections for their economic independence.
5. To help children, women, aged, handicapped, destitute and other downtrodden people through socio-economic and welfare programs.

Open House Ministry

Name of the Institution: Sacred Heart Model School Convent

Sacred Heart Convent
Iyanar Koil Street

Phone No: 04142-221226/ 9486916462

Email :

Motto: Life-restoring and aimed towards the generalized needs of homeless adults including men and women residing in streets

Salient Features
1. Doing open house ministry in collaboration with Guanelian Congregation.
2. Sisters, volunteers (nurses, teachers) and Guanelian brothers help them to clean them, cut hair, wash clothes, bath them and provide them with delicious meal.

Prison Ministry

Name of the Institution: Immaculate Community College unit of Mahatma Gandhi

Address :
Community College (Central Prison - Cuddalore)
Sacred Heart Convent
Iyanar Koil Street

Phone No: 04142-221226/ 9486916462

Email :

Motto : To work for the welfare of the least, lost and the last in the society especially the Prisoners

Salient Features
1. Spiritual animation.
2. Life coping activities.
3. Communication skills.
4. Technical and Professional training.
5. Written and Spoken English, Counseling Guidance.

Social Work Details Somanathaperi

Name of the institution: Idhaya Social Service Centre Somanathaperi

Idhaya Social Service Centre,
Thirumalapuram - 627 355,
Munanjipatti (via),
Thirunelveli (Dt),
Tamil nadu


Phone no: +91 4635-255167

Cell no: 9786392823

Goal /Aim: To help target group - Rural children particularly the girls, Women below poverty line in rural area

Salient Features:
1. Organizing Self-help group for the economic development of the rural women.
2. Awareness programme on health tothe village people.
3. Women’s Garment.
4. Sponsor for educating child.
5. Prison ministry.

Assisi Community Development Centre – Sunnapubatti

Name of the Institution: Assisi Community Development Centre

Address				:	Assisi Bhavan
					Dhamavaram,Nellore (Dt)
					A.P 524142

Phone No: 9573043305


Motto: To enhanced self-employment and self- reliance for the women folk and realization of rights of dalit children

Salient feature:
1. Providing training to the girls and women in tailoring and sewing machine.
2. Providing additional tuition centre to the backward school going students.
3. Strengthening SHG through the Income generating Program (savings).
4. Identify the problems in the community and create awareness on the possible solution(Advocacy).
5. Giving awareness about Right to Food, Health and Hygiene by conducting Medical camps.

Immaculate Social Development Centre

Name of the Institution : Immaculate Social Development Centre

Address of the Institution:	Immaculate Social Development Centre
Madhakovil Street, T.R.Pattinam,
Karaikal, Pondicherry Dt. 609 606

Phone Number : 04368 – 234437

Email Adress:

Moto : Holistic Empowerment Women Folk

Salient Feature
1. Family Counseling Centre
2. Rajiv Gandhi national Creche
3. Evening tuition Centres
4. Vocational training centre
5. Little angels home



ADDRESS: 	Idhaya college campus,
chengam taluk,
Tiruvannamalai district.

Email: :

MOTTO: To be with the downtrodden and to support the poor in the society.

1) In the children parliament, we explain the rights and duties of the children also training them to become excellent leaders in the society.
2) Helping the differently abled people to live with self respect and self dignity.
3) Motivating the women who are socially and culturally backward and make them to find solution for their problems.
4) Giving awareness to the ordinary people to be united and to take the local government in their hand.
5) Providing awareness to the people for reaching the government schemes for the people.

Thiyaga Jothi Community Development centre - Thattanchavadi

Name of the Institution: Thiyaga Jothi Community Development Centre

Address	:
Thiyaga Jothi Community Development Centre
Pondicherry - 605 009

Phone No: 0413- 2247337

Email :


Motto: "Join the hand shine the world". – living together will change the world towards good (Shine)

Salient Features 1. Uplifting the poor and neglected people.
2. Caring disabled and marginalized people.
3. Education to the underprivileged girls
4. Improve their financial status of the downtrodden people.
5. Organizing Leadership Training programme for children and youth.

Rural Women Empowerment Programme

Centre Name: Immaculate Tailoring Centre

Place: Attipakkam

Unit: Thiga Jothi Community Development Centre

Tailoring Centre started : 05.10.2018

Motto : Create Self Empowered Society through Women Folk

IHM Convent
Attipakkam- Manampoondi(Via)
Thirukovilur (Tk)
Villupuram ( Dt)-605759

Immaculate Convent Urutur

Name of the Institution: Immaculate Convent Urutur

Immaculate Convent
Urutur (VI&Po)
Payasampalli (Via)
Kadapa (Dist), 516339

Phone Number : 9704185526

E – Mail :

Motto : love, service and sacrifice

Salient Features :
1. To help the poor and needy.
2. To make the people aware of cleanliness and discipline.
3. To give the needs of the students such as clothes and note books.
4. Providing school bags for the students.
5. Helping women’s to generate income through tailoring.