3rd May 2018

‘I will magnify the Lord with thanksgiving’- Psalm 69:30

On 3rd May, there were eleven of our silver Jubilarians and 10 of our Golden Jubilarians came forward with grateful heart to thank the Lord for His divine providence throughout their 25 and 50 years of Religious life.

The celebration began with a meaningful prayer which led all the celebrants to bounce back the past years and keep on walking towards the future in serving the Lord. The very meaningful Eucharistic Celebration was started at 6.30 am at St. Anne’s premises - Queen Mary Auditorium in Cuddalore and was presided by Rev. Dr. Antony Anandarayar, Archbishop of Pondicherry & Cuddalore, along with many other priests. Sisters from far and neighboring communities and other religious communities and the family members participated in the celebration. During the Holy Mass the Jubilarians renewed their vows and recalled the marvelous works that the Almighty God had done in their lives. The parents and the relatives of celebrants were warmly welcomed and created pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the occasion. All the Jubilarians were greeted by the Superior General and General Councillors and all the Provincials and their team. After the Holy Mass, all who witnessed the great occasion enjoyed the delicious meal and departed joyfully. May the Jubilarians continue to be the light and role model of the younger generation and to be the faithful servant in God’s vineyard?